Who We Are

Our History

Though rich in history, we are not stuck in the past. The Pleasant Hill Baptist Church grew from the Free Will Baptist Fellowship that was established in Hollis in 1780, leading to the dedication of the first church in 1840. During October of 1947, the church building burned in the forest fires that destroyed much of southern Maine. A new church was built and dedicated on June 26, 1949. In 2006 we completed a massive renovation which included an addition to the building that doubled the size of the sanctuary, tripled the size of the fellowship area, and made the entire building handicap accessible.


It has been said, and is still true today, that though the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church seems to have always had a modest membership, these few have had influence out of proportion to their number. We look forward with enthusiastic anticipation to what our gracious Lord has planned for us as we walk with Him.


We are a group of people who have a variety of backgrounds who are exploring what it means to live as a community of Christ-followers while we are in our community. Within our group you will find a people who have been following Jesus for many years, some who are new to walking with Jesus, and some who are exploring Jesus. Together we are helping one another take a step closer to Jesus.

What We Believe

  • Jesus is the one way to eternal life and the only person who can give abundant life.

  • We do not naturally possess this eternal life because we have rebelled against God the Father, our Creator, desiring to do things our own way. 

  • We come to this eternal life – coming to know God the Father and living in unity with him – only because the sacrifice of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection and being drawn by the Holy Spirit. 

  • We come to a more complete and full understanding of the Father through his infallible Word which is inspired by him yet written by men who were carried along by the Spirit’s leading. 

  • While the Holy Spirit illuminates the mind to the understanding of the Father’s Word we are to walk in community with other Christ-followers on this journey to him. 

  • Jesus gave instruction to the disciples to establish the church made up of those who are followers of Jesus. The church is to be on the mission of making disciples together as we look to pursue the Kingdom of God. 

  • While the church, the bride, waits for Jesus’ return we are to pursue God’s kingdom. This earth is not a waiting room for us to one day experience God’s kingdom; just as Jesus brought God’s kingdom of reconciliation and restoration to his context we are to do the same. 

  • There will be a day when we fully and consciously experience God’s kingdom without interruption in his presence.

Our Pastor

Pastor Jeff has served as pastor of Pleasant Hill since November 2018.  He was born in Ohio and raised in Florida. His wife, Pam, grew up in Somerville, MA. They met in Naples, FL and were married on July 17, 1998…yes he remembers his anniversary date.  They have two children, Jordan and Sophia.


Their journey has taken them to a variety of locations. They developed great relationships with students and their families at Christian high schools in Michigan, Florida, and Kansas. While at these schools in addition to teaching a full load of classes they wore several other hats. Jeff was an athletic director, coached basketball, led a summer day camp, and started a father/son breakfast where guys could connect with others. Pam also coached basketball and led the National Honor Society.


After high school for a ‘second time’ their journey took them to the fields of Iowa. While there Jeff was on staff at two different churches where he worked with leaders of various ministries to implement the vision of the church. While at these churches he fell in love with two aspects of ministry: spending time with people in disciple-making relationships and spending time in the community being the hands and feet of Jesus. While in Iowa, Pam was able to express her love for history by working at a living history museum. This opportunity allowed her to learn how to cook on a wood burning stove…she loved it so much she even tried to convince Jeff to install one in their home. She also met and communicated with people from all regions of the United States as well as international travelers.


Jeff and Pam are grateful to have the opportunity to be part of a church that not only loves Jesus but also looks to make Him known within their neighborhoods and networks. They would like to invite you to be part of what God is doing through Pleasant Hill. We look forward to meeting you.